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July 6-10 Curious Cafe


the project

Turn the Studio for Urban Projects into a Cafe that serves REALLY local food: grown within San Francisco city limits! Make a video blog that investigates urban farming and documents the opening of your Curious Cafe.


-Explore the hidden gardens, farms and wild foraging spots of San Francisco.
-Design and print our own menu of SF-grown dishes.
-Invent meals and desserts that use locally grown ingredients, then prepare and serve them to our family and friends.

Photo Galleries:

Curious Cafe: Monday - Bernal Hill blackberry parfait

Curious Cafe: Tuesday - Potrero Hill plum crumble

Curious Cafe: Wednesday - Mission greens (and edible flowers) - salad & pasta

Curious Cafe: Thursday - Alemany Farm - minestrone and herbal soda

Curious Cafe: Friday - Garden for the Environment - ice cream social